Allow Top Home Contractors to Weatherproof Your House

Most people do not pay much attention to the roofing on their home. Unless they happen to spot a leak in their ceiling. During this time, the roof is in desperate need of extensive repair work or a replacement. As a concerned homeowner, you need to inspect the condition of your roof once a year to detect any signs of a pending repair or replacement.

Roofs offer both shelter and protection from a host of outdoor elements such as rain, wind, and sun. It is imperative that your roofing remains in an excellent condition so your home can be a refuge for you and your family. You need to regularly inspect your roof for any signs of failure or aging, particularly after severe weather storms.

Following are a couple of signs your home is in need of a new roof. These tips will serve as indicators of what to look for when dealing with various roofing issues before they turn into bigger worries.

Granules in Your Guttering

Any tell-tale signs of granules in your guttering may show that the protective covering of your roof is busy wearing off. They serve a significant role in that the cover keeps the sun at bay from the asphalt. Once they lose their protective power, the quality of your roof shingles will deteriorate.

Water and Rust Damage

Keep looking out for any possible flashing damages or rusting that surrounds the chimney area, skylights or vents. Any tears, dents, or rust would allow water to seep into your home. Watch out for green moss, fungus, or mold. Be wary that wood shakes are incredibly vulnerable during wet climates as they absorb water over a specified period and split eventually. Be sure to inspect your roof from the inside.

Tip: Take a flashlight into your attic to see if there are any water spots or leaks.

Your Frisco roof is a massive investment. If you are querying whether you should repair or replace it, then you need to ask yourself some crucial questions and enlist the services of a fully qualified roofing contractor to decide what is best.

Consider factors like the age of your existing roof, if you plan on selling your home as well as the condition of your roofing. ‘

How the Heat of Summer May Damage Your Roof

Summer sun can have a strong influence on the lifespan of one’s roof. We are talking about hot temperatures and direct sun that will affect your roofing materials in ways you could not foresee. However, it is a combination of thermal shock, heat, and direct sun that deteriorate the condition of your roof.

Let us consider how these different elements can affect your roofing materials:

  • UV Rays – The rays from the sun itself wear many a roof down, even when it is cloudy or cold. What happens is that the oils of the roofing material dry out to the extent that it becomes brittle and loses its waterproofing properties. Brittle and dry roof shingles will crack, curl, and eventually break apart.
  • Heat from the Sun – What accelerates the wearing down process of the roof repair materials, even more, is the scorching heat from the sun. You may think it is only 85 degrees or so, but the roof itself may easily reach up to 160 degrees. No doubt, the heat would speed up the damages caused by the UV rays.
  • Thermal Shock – While the outside air heats up before it cools down, so does your roofing in that it expands and contracts on a daily basis. They call it thermal shock, which is a scientific term defined as a variation in temperature. This process regularly results in breakage of the material. In time to come, the roof will take the strain from the shock, and your roof will start splitting, which will cost you a pocket in repairs.

While one cannot prevent the sun from shining on a daily basis on your roof and home, there are some things you can put into practice to minimize the amount of damage done by the heat and the sun. Firstly, you need to decide on a roof that lasts a long time so it may improve the efficiency and comfort of your home, thereby reducing the heat effect.